Xiao Wei Yang – à la carte

If you know what hot pot is, skip to the next paragraph. If you aren’t familiar with this style of cuisine (sort of a fad from the east after sushi), let’s start with the basics. A flavored broth (at Xiao Wei Yang, these are mild, hot, tomato based or a combination of two of those) is brought out and placed on a stove in the center of your table. You then order a bunch of (raw) meat, veggies and/or dumplings from the menu and let the party begin. When the broth gets going (i.e. boils), you cook and you eat. Seems simple, right? Not always the case as things can get messy/splashy, especially on my side of the table for some reason. It’s an experience made more fun with a group of friends.

Having fallen in love with Hot Pot while in the US, I was adamant to find a local place. I was guided to Xiao Wei Yang by a colleague and am so glad to have come across it. They serve flavorsome broth and also have an extensive ‘sauce bar’ with free refills. Don’t miss out on the beef dumplings! Service isn’t amazing and there can be a bit of a communication gap as nobody working there speaks English too well. Do keep in mind that this very authentic joint is not the place to go to if you’re more of a fine dining person.

Note: The branch reviewed here is temporarily closed, as reported by their Zomato page. I will be reviewing their buffet branch in Al Markaziya very soon :).

Hot pot

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